Judaica Fine Art


By Chava Roth

About the Artist

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Chava Roth draws from an extensive background in the visual arts. A summa cum laude recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute of Art and Masters of Fine Arts from Queens College, in New York, this gifted artist garnered numerous prestigious awards and prizes throughout her flourishing career.

For more than 40 years, Chava Roth has been creating Judaica Paintings that portray the Jewish people, religious places and objects that are close to her heart. Chava uses the classical approach to paint true to life strikingly beautiful scenes. To view a Chava Roth painting is to be transported into the rich, soul-inspiring world of Yiddishkeit. Every skillful stroke, speaks - actually, sings! - with a profound and tender love of every Jewish face, every ritual object, the ethereal beauty of the Holy Land. The artist's boldly vivid renderings go straight to the heart of Jewish life and the captivated heart of the viewer.

Chava Roth's paintings welcome the viewer to a delightful, inspiring window of entry into the glorious, still very much alive heritage. From her accomplished palette, she invests each detail with exquisite care - offering the fortunate viewer a wondrously real feast for the taking. Chava’s love of telling a story in a painting has led her to a series of narrative paintings. Chava Roth's masterful works have been showcased in galleries as well as in museums and grace private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Israel.





Judaica Fine Art

By Chava Roth

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